Complete Guide to Facebook Advertisement For Beginners

Are you looking to grow your business and would like to know the ins and outs of social media marketing?


Now is the perfect time to interact with ads because nowadays ad platforms have become explicit and have amazing features like FB pixels which really opens a world of opportunity.There is a lack of knowledge in people about this opportunity!


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Book's Killer Features

Easy to understand

It’s easy to understand as it explains each and every small thing you need to know to kick start facebook advertisements.

Specially created for beginners

As mentioned above it explains every small detail, so even a new-bie can start facebook ads with help of this book.

Practical implementations

Not just theoretical ideas on how you should be doing, but this book gives you a clear vision on how you can actually perform and create winning ads!

Right Direction

From A to Z, this book starts from baby steps to finally creating a winning ad in the right direction.

With Any Device

Readable on each device, Android, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, Desktop.

Budget friendly

You can become a facebook ads manager just by learning this book at just $25!

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About This Book

Assumeout of this 2850000000 facebook users, your target audience is 10% i.e. 285000000. If you can connect to at least 1% of these, you would have connected with 2850000 users. For the sake of the argument, we are talking about a very small percentage here but as you can see, this platform gives you a humongous benefit of reaching out to multiple people (of your choice) at once. Apart from this biggest benefit, it has many other crucial advantages that will be helpful for your business. 

To achieve this i.e. to reach your target audience, the best way is to use Facebook ads. 

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From the website itself, as well as you can download free sample from as well as this site

Absolutely, this book is specially designed for beginners!

This book will soon be available on amazon.

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  • Complete Book
  • PDF and EPUB
  • Hardcover Book
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Learn how to efficiently grow your business through social media marketing. The lessons taught in this EBook can be taken to all social media platforms.


It helped me to grow my business andreach out prospects and clients wordwide!